Colorado Springs turned down recreational Marijuana sales and the very significant sales tax revenue (an additional 5% to the normal sales tax) and now they are asking for a 1% sales tax increase everyone will pay making it more expensive to shop in Colorado Springs if it passes, and pot holes galore if it doesn’t.

The voters of Canon City did the same, and on November 3rd, Canon City voters will be asked to approve a 1% sales tax either making it more expensive to shop in Canon City, or you guessed it.  Potholes galore.

Florence made the big mistake, but we can fix it by electing a city council that recognizes there is a huge revenue resource ($100,000.00 per month in Manitou Springs, about $50,000.00 per month in Pueblo County) if we only tap into it.  I am running for city council, and I am ready to do that.

The sales tax the city collects on Recreational cannabis is three times the sales tax collected on a Walmart item, and State regulated adult use cannabis can’t be purchased at Walmart, the internet, or anyplace in Fremont County at this time.  It’s time for Florence to get on board.