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This November Florence will elect a new mayor and one city council person from each ward. I will be running as the incumbent for the seat I now hold in Ward Three.

It has been a very rewarding and quite a learning  experience  serving on the Florence city council. One vote. That is all any council person has, and it takes four votes to effect any change, but by working together the council I served with, with the support of city staff made Florence one of the greatest "Little Towns" in South Eastern Colorado.

During my term sales taxes consistently reached record levels. http://dev.florencecolorado.org/Financial/SalesTax2018.pdf  We purchased a state of the art patch truck eliminating numerous pot holes with more scheduled to go away. Our streets and sidewalks are clean. New businesses came to town. Our downtown was added to The National Historic Register https://www.chieftain.com/5b7a4d80-b93a-5f48-aae3-3057b43db07f.html. Our water is among the best in the country, our police department is the envy of other small departments in Colorado. And no new taxes.

Am I taking credit for the above gains? Of course not. As stated before, I am one vote, but what I will take  credit for is working with other council members to get things done. The composition of council will change this November, and I may be the only incumbent so I'm asking for your vote to keep Florence moving forward.

And yes your opinion or issue does matter.  I have set up this site so you can contact me easily. Although a single city council person has absolutely no authority over any city employee or to individually effect any change I will consider your comments when voting. If you have an issue with the city I will see that it is brought to the attention of the proper department through channels available to me.

I have and will attempt to be as open as possible regarding my position on issues, and how I will vote when they come up. If my position aligns with yours, I hope you will vote for me this November. On that note, if an issue is important to you, be sure you get a clear answer from a candidate as to how they plan to vote on the issue. When an elected official goes into a voting booth his or her vote is secret, but how they will vote on matters or issues regarding the city should not be a secret until they vote. 

As the incumbent representing Ward three, I'm asking for your vote this November because experience and transparency count.

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719 429 6856

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