About Mike Vendetti for Florence City Council

Florence will be holding a special election on August 2, 2021, to elect a new city council. Not only will the new council be hiring a new city manager, but they will also hire a new city attorney two of the most important non-elected positions in the city. The city is at a tipping point and your vote will count as seldom before. I am asking for your vote on August 2. The vote will be in-person only at the Energent Campus Gymnasium.

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What You Can  Expect From Me If I Am Elected

My name is Mike Vendetti. I'm running for election to one of the two city council seats in Florence Ward Three. Experience matters. I bring nearly six years of experience on the Florence city council.

Numerous important challenges will be faced by the new Florence city council. Four months without a city council will create a huge backlog of important issues and approvals for spending not in the budget.

The city manager is the most important and powerful individual in our form of city government. The city manager has absolute responsibility and authority over city departments and employees. Therefore, my top priority will be to vet and hire an experienced city manager with an impressive and verifiable track record.

Council will be hiring a city attorney. This individual must not only be competent in municipal law but also employment law and Title 31 of the CRS (Colorado Revised Statutes).

City Council needs to set long term goals for the city. Five of mine are:

  • Encourage 5G providers to build necessary infrastructure in Florence.

  • Parking is a problem and will get worse if CDOT requires parallel parking on Main. I will support looking into building a 3-story parking garage near downtown.

  • Before he was fired the former city manager was exploring a reservoir on Oak Creek near High Meadows. We should investigate the viability of such a project.

  • Many of the sidewalks in Florence are not only Hazardous, but they also give Florence the appearance of a third-rate town. The reason for this is sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner. I support an ordinance that would require sidewalks be brought to code upon transfer of the property.

  • Move Florence to a Home Rule form of government. Doing so will take at least three years.


Marijuana is a reality and legal in Colorado. The question of retail marijuana in Florence could come before council. While not advocating for or against marijuana, under the right conditions I would be a yes vote to allow it. Those conditions would be no more than two established (Licenses sold to the highest bidders) retail outlets on Highway 50 in an area to be annexed. There isn’t enough parking for outlets in town.

Manitou Springs brings in over $10 million per year in taxes on retail marijuana. Based upon the population ratio of El Paso and Fremont counties we could expect $80,000.00 per year in tax revenue. The voters have approved an excise tax on retail marijuana grown in Florence. I am ok with annexing a rural area and allowing retail marijuana grows.


Phone 719 429 6856 Email Mike@ANumber1.com