My Priority List if Elected

  1. Preserve small town way of life.

  2. The 2021 audit found a “significant deficiency” in the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office (“DRMO”) program. If I am elected, I will make the motion that the city manager report back to council the process put into place to correct this significant deficiency.

  3. Disposal of surplus city property. I do not believe all city property (DRMO in particular) has been sold at fair market value by sealed bid or online auction.

  4. Direct the City Manager to develop an active shooter plan of action for every public venue in Florence.

  5. Comprehensive infrastructure improvements and plans

  6. Repair sidewalks

  7. Plan for parking downtown

  8. Bring 5G Internet infrastructure to Florence.

  9. Examine recreational marijuana grows

  10. Examine Retail/Medical Marijuana sales on Hwy 50

  11. Create mall on Railroad St. from Front St. to Sr. Center parking lot

  12. Update annexation policy and look at getting land that may serve Florence in the future.

  13. Support revitalization of Front Street

  14. Put more water rights to active use so we don’t lose it